About FSHR

~ resources ~ 

Members who wish to learn how to pronounce the Dutch names of the stallion pedigree, go to the Tanbark Acres website.

A great Friesian magazine is
"The Friesian Blood Horse"

~ mission ~ 

The mission of the Friesian Sport Horse Registry is to join together people who love the Friesian and the Friesian cross horse.

The FSHR registers 25% to 100% Friesian blood. Friesian blood must be documented but their is no requirement for the non-Friesian side to be registered. The FSHR began in 1996 and is the largest and oldest of all the Friesian cross registries.

The purpose of the Friesian Sport Horse Registry is to document, preserve and perpetuate the percentage of Friesian blood in horses registered with it. Individuals applying for registration are required to complete a registration application .The amount of Friesian blood is important and must be verified by attesting signatures of sire. A copy of the Friesian pedigree is required and a copy of the non-Friesian side is helpful but not mandatory. 

The Registry aims to keep the membership SIMPLE, UNCOMPLICATED and AFFORDABLE. 

Join us and help promote the Friesian horse!