FSHR Open Competition Awards Program

open competition forms 

The Friesian Sport Horse Registry "Open Competition Awards Program" has been developed to promote the Friesian and Friesian cross in the open show venue. The purpose of the program is to recognize and reward owners who participate in open competitive events throughout the horse world. Open competition allows us to recognize our best promoters – the Friesian Sport Horse.

If you compete with a FSHR registered "Friesian Sport Horse" against other breeds in open shows or events, you are eligible to join our Open Awards Program. Our program is open to all horses that are registered with "The Friesian Sport Horse Registy" – the oldest and largest of all the friesian cross registries. The costs is FREE to Friesian Sport Horse Registered horses.

Open Awards Program  |  Nine divisions:

1. DRESSAGE (Intro through Grand Prix)

2. ENGLISH PLEASURE (includes hunt seat, saddleseat, and other English riding classes)

3. WESTERN PLEASURE (includes reining, working ow, cutting, and other Western riding classes)



7. TRAIL RIDING (including lessons)

8. IN-HAND (Western, English and Sport Horse, including Showmanship)

9. INSPECTIONS (including, Sport Horse; AWS, AWR and inspections designed for Friesian Sport Horses where you recieve a "percentage score") 


1. Horse must be registered with the Friesian Sport Horse Registry

2. Members must submit results from three different shows or vebues (except inspections)

5. Trail hours and lessons are logged as "time" 

4. Season runs from December 1 to January 31. All forms must be submitted by end of January of the following year

6. Inspectioons: Highest percentage 

6. Inspections: Highest percentage

7. A FSHR horse may compete at the USDF level as a "declared breed" other than a FSHR but may also compete at Open Shows as a Friesian Sport Horse Registry horse. EXAMPLE: A horse competes at USDF level as AWS but may also show in Open Shows as a "Fresian Sport Horse Registry" horse in our Open Competition program.