FSHR Registration

rules of registration

The foremost responsibility of the Friesian Sport Horse Registry is to accurately record progeny records, issue Certificates of Registration and maintain records of ownership. These records are based on information provided to the Registry on the registration application and transfer form. If the information provided by the breeder and seller is not presented accurately and in good faith, as attested to his or her personal signature, than a registration certificate, which may have been issued, has no value. The Registry depends upon the honestly and integrity of the breeder and seller in order to maintain and ensure the integrity of the records of the Friesian Sport Horse Registry. 


Registration is open to all horses that are 25% to 100% Friesian. All Applications for Registration shall be correctly completed on the official registration form, and submitted with the appropriate fee. 

Every application for registration must be executed with the personal signature of the recorded owner(s) or recorded lessee of the sire and the personal signature of the recorded owner(s) or recorded lessee of the dam at the time of foaling. If one or both of these signatures is not available, or if the sire is deceased, please contact the FSHR. 

The amount of Friesian blood must be documented and verified by attesting signatures. 

Except for the validation of Friesian blood, proof of pedigree is not required. If non-Friesian ancestry cannot be documented or the papers are lost, the registration certificate will state: “NA” or “Unknown.” 

Membership is automatically included with registration. 

DNA testing is optional. Stallion owners may submit a copy of their stallion's DNA information or obtain DNA testing through the Registry at $45.00. 

The FSH Registry will accept individual DNA reports and DNA reports from other registries that will allow transfer of DNA information. 


Upon notification from a bank of a returned check payable to FSHR, a $25 service charge will be added to each returned item. The FSHR office shall send notice of the outstanding balance due FSHR resulting from the returned check and of the $25 service charge. 

The notice referred to in preceeding paragraph shall also state that the party(ies) will be suspended effective fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of the mailing of the notice, unless payment in full, including the service charge is postmarked and submitted to the FSHR within fifteen (15) calendar of mailing of the notice. 

If payment is not received, the FSHR office shall (1) send notice of the suspension to the noticed party(ies) and (2) publish the name and registration number of the suspended horse(s) on the FSHR website. 

The suspension of an individual will end upon receipt of good funds and acknowledgment from the FSHR office of payment in full of the amounts due. 

The FSHR will publish the removal of any previously published suspension in the next update on the FSHR website. 


An official Registry Application for Transfer shall be correctly completed and submitted with the appropriate fee upon every change of ownership of the registered horse. 

The original Certificate of Registration for the horse being transferred must be submitted with the Application for Transfer

Any person applying for transfer of a horse may be required to furnish (at the applicant’s expense) a DNA Report, documentary or evidence the Registry may deem appropriate. 

Whenever legal title of a registered horse passes to another person by reason of death of the recorded owner, foreclosure of any lien, by any order or decree of court, or otherwise by operation of law, the Registry may transfer the registration of the subject horse to the new owner: 

  • Upon court order of competent jurisdiction or other satisfactory proof of authority for the transfer.
  1. Upon payment of the transfer fee.
  2. Upon satisfaction of such other requirements as may be required by the Registry 


A Duplicate Certificate of Registration will be issued providing: 

  • Satisfactory proof of loss, destruction or other reason for the unavailability of original certificate is provided. 
  • An application for a duplicate Certificate of Registration has been correctly completed and submitted to the Registry with a notarized statement describing the loss, destruction, or other reason for the unavailability of the original certificate, a color photograph of the horse labeled with name, registration number, date of birth, coat color, sex, markings, date photograph was taken and the appropriate fee. 

By the issuance of a duplicate registration certificate all prior certificates of the horse are declared null and void. 


An amended Certificate of Registration will be issued providing: 

  • The horse has no registered progeny. 
  • The Registry has the written permission of the owner of the dam at the time of foaling. 
  • The current Certificate of Registration is returned to the Registry with the new name choice and appropriate fee. 
  • Horses can still be located using the former name by Registry personnel. 


The recorded owner may request a change of coat color or markings or stallion to gelding provided the original Certificate of Registration is submitted. A correction may be made and the fee is $20.00. Upon approval of the Registry, an amended Certificate of Registration will be issued to the recorded owner. 


The burden of proof for the registration or transfer of a horse is the responsibility of the applicant. Neither the Friesian Sport Horse Registry (FSHR) or any of its Directors, employees or members of its committees shall be liable in any event for any action or failure to act in connection with the operation of the Registry. Any Registry record found to be inaccurate will be expunged or altered and reissued as deemed appropriate by FHSR.